IBM Operations Analytics Log Analysis 1.3 Administration

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Learn how to administer, configure, and maintain IBM Operations Analytics Log Analysis. This course includes extensive lab exercises to give you hands-on practice with administration and configuration tasks.



This basic course will be useful to implementers, administrators, technical sales persons, and any others who need IBM Operations Analytics Log Analysis skills.



You should have Linux administration skills.


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Stuttgart 25. September 2020 Buchen
Virtual Classroom 05. Oktober 2020 Buchen
Virtual Classroom 02. November 2020 Buchen
Frankfurt 20. November 2020 Buchen
Virtual Classroom 07. Dezember 2020 Buchen
Virtual Classroom 11. Januar 2021 Buchen
Virtual Classroom 05. Februar 2021 Buchen
Berlin 19. Februar 2021 Buchen
Virtual Classroom 08. März 2021 Buchen
Virtual Classroom 09. April 2021 Buchen
Düsseldorf 23. April 2021 Buchen
Virtual Classroom 03. Mai 2021 Buchen
Virtual Classroom 07. Juni 2021 Buchen
Frankfurt 18. Juni 2021 Buchen
Virtual Classroom 09. Juli 2021 Buchen
Virtual Classroom 02. August 2021 Buchen
Hamburg 20. August 2021 Buchen
Virtual Classroom 10. September 2021 Buchen
Virtual Classroom 04. Oktober 2021 Buchen
Stuttgart 22. Oktober 2021 Buchen
Virtual Classroom 12. November 2021 Buchen
Virtual Classroom 06. Dezember 2021 Buchen
Stuttgart 17. Dezember 2021 Buchen



  • Explore IBM Operations Analytics Log Analysis
  • Define the function of an Insight Pack
  • Start and stop the application
  • Add data sources
  • Delete historical data
  • Navigate the user interface
  • Use the Generic Annotation Insight Pack
  • Use the DSV tool kit to create an Insight Pack
  • Generate alerts based on log events
  • Use product log files to troubleshoot common problems
  • Tune host and operating system settings
  • Tune application configuration settings
  • Back up and restore IBM Operations Analytics Log Analysis


Key topics

Overview and Basic Administration Tasks

Common configuration tasks

  • Generic Annotation Insight Pack
  • Delimiter separated value toolkit



Hadoop Integration

Performance tuning

Backing up and restoring IBM Operations Analytics Log Analysis

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