IBM TRIRIGA: Capital Projects

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The TRIRIGA Capital Projects course will train students on how to create and deploy new capital projects and manage the budgets attached to them.  Users will be able to organize and review  relevant documents affiliated with large projects (drawings, invoices, specifications...).  They will be able to also manage procurement, put in place a bidding process and complete payments.  Users will also be able to track and report on the progress of projects and big programs.



The typical student for this course may be a project and program managers along with  business analysts  with a large enterprise.  Also, consultants, systems integrators and IT architects may take this course as well.




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Virtual Classroom 01. März 2021 Buchen
München 22. März 2021 Buchen
Virtual Classroom 05. April 2021 Buchen
Virtual Classroom 03. Mai 2021 Buchen
Stuttgart 24. Mai 2021 Buchen
Virtual Classroom 07. Juni 2021 Buchen
Virtual Classroom 05. Juli 2021 Buchen
Hamburg 26. Juli 2021 Buchen
Virtual Classroom 02. August 2021 Buchen
Virtual Classroom 06. September 2021 Buchen
Frankfurt 20. September 2021 Buchen
Virtual Classroom 04. Oktober 2021 Buchen
Virtual Classroom 01. November 2021 Buchen
Düsseldorf 22. November 2021 Buchen
Virtual Classroom 13. Dezember 2021 Buchen




After completing this course, students will understand how do execute the following with TRIRIGA Capital Projects:

  • Program & Project Management
  • Funding Allocations
  • Capital Project
  • Project Budgets and Schedule
  • Document Management
  • Bid Process
  • Cost Management
  • Project Quality Control and Invoicing
  • Capital Projects Hub

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