Jazz Team Server V6 Administration

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his course teaches system administrators, enterprise architects, and development team leaders how to install, configure, and maintain an IBM Jazz Team Server environment. It demonstrates how to plan a deployment topology and software infrastructure for the applications of the Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM).

The Rational solution for CLM provides a fully integrated environment that includes IBM Rational Team Concert, IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation, and IBM Rational Quality Manager products.

In this course, you learn how to install and configure the required software and how to manage users and licenses. You also learn techniques for maintaining and troubleshooting the Jazz Team Server and for implementing upgrades.

Hands-on exercises give you experience working directly with IBM Jazz Team Server V6.0. You install several typical applications, create the required databases, and configure the environment to use DB2 and Tomcat. In a later exercise, you replace the Tomcat server with WebSphere Application Server.


This course is designed for system administrators and enterprise architects and engineers. The audience might also include program or project managers, development team leads, and software designers and testers.


Before taking this course, you should have a good knowledge of Windows, UNIX, or Linux System administration, including the command line tools, software installation and configuration, and system performance monitoring and tuning.

It is useful, but not essential, to have a working knowledge of DB2, Oracle, SQL Server database administration, and LDAP administration.


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Virtual Classroom 17. Mai 2021 Buchen
Virtual Classroom 28. Juni 2021 Buchen
Frankfurt 19. Juli 2021 Buchen
Virtual Classroom 06. September 2021 Buchen
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Stuttgart 11. Oktober 2021 Buchen
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After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe the architecture of a Jazz environment
  • Install and configure the components of the Jazz Team Server
  • Integrate Jazz Team Server with LDAP for user authentication and administration
  • Integrate Jazz Team Server with WebSphere Application Server for secure, reliable, and easy to administer enterprise deployments
  • Provide regular system administration and maintenance for the Jazz Team Server environment


  • Course introduction
  • Understanding the Jazz platform architecture
  • Planning a Jazz Team Server deployment
  • Exercise: Planning the Jazz Team Server installation
  • Installing Jazz Team Server
  • Exercise: Installing Jazz Team Server
  • Managing users, licenses, and projects
  • Exercise: Managing users, licenses, and projects
  • Maintaining Jazz Team Server
  • Exercise: Maintaining Jazz Team Server
  • Upgrading the Jazz environment
  • Exercise: Upgrading the Jazz environment
  • Course summary

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