IBM Aspera High-Speed Transfer Server Administration

Kurscode WT011G
Kurssprache Deutsch
Unterlagen Englisch
Anbieter IBM
Preis 2100,00 Euro exkl. USt
Dauer 3 Tage
Kurstermine 2 Termine

This course is also available as self-paced virtual (e-learning) course IBM Aspera High-Speed Transfer Server Administration  (ZT011G). This option does not require any travel.

This course is intended to teach the necessary knowledge and skills to install, configure, and use the IBM Aspera High-Speed Transfer Server.



This course is intended for administrators the IBM Aspera High-Speed Transfer Server.


  • Fundamental knowledge of using Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Basic understanding of networking


Ort des Kurses Kursbeginn  
Virtual Classroom 03. November 2021 Buchen
Virtual Classroom 06. Dezember 2021 Buchen




  • Describe the operation of the FASP protocol
  • Outline the functions of various Aspera software products
  • Explain Aspera configuration parameters and assign their values
  • Create and manage Aspera users and groups
  • Perform file transfers using the Aspera GUI and from the command line
  • Implement support for Aspera Node API
  • Configure Hot Folders and Aspera Watch Service
  • Execute basic troubleshooting tasks for common problems

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